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Mechanical Engineers Build Weapons...Civil Engineers build targets....

Since I was young, I have always been into cars and trucks and fascinated by machines. I have been wrenching on vehicles almost 20 years now and continue to broaden my skill set. I graduated college in 2003 with a 2 year CAD degree from Penn College of Technology. I have been working in and around engineering for the past 10yrs or so. Over time I have taken a few choice electives and taught myself multiple software packages as well as welding, running machine tools, and general fabrication. I purchased a cnc Plasma table a few years ago and decided to start offering a few products for purchase. I jumped into the world of 3D printing so expect to see some products in the not so distant future. Most recently I started going back to school one class at a time to get my bachelors degree.

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Tread Lightly!

Four wheeling is a great sport the whole family can enjoy. It is up to us as wheelers to make sure we tread lightly and obey all the local laws, respect the land we are using, and clean up after ourselves when we leave. This picture was taken at Spring Zuwharrie 2008. http://www.zuwharrie.com